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Using Awamori sake, we want to create situations and time that people spend with special people, the kind in which people come together to create conversation and smiles. Our hope is that in those situations involving ZANPA, a wave of plentiful smiles will spread out even further. Through experiential events, food & wine parties and other endeavors with SMILE BE WAVES as our brand concept, we seek to provide situations involving both ZANPA and smiles in the form of presentations to numerous people around the world.

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ZANPA will be born again with a new logo.

Just as the nature of sake has transformed with the passage of time, the brand logo featured on Zanpa Ryukyu Awamori sake offerings such as “ZANSHIRO” and “ZANKURO,” as they are affectionally known, will also undergo a transformation into something new.


Above: ZANPA DROPS (common name)

This is mainly used in the bottle design for our high-end sake offerings, such as old and premium sake. With a stylish design modeled after the “Z” in ZANPA and water drops from waves, this logo will give Awamori sake a completely new image.

Below: SANPACHI WAVE (common name)

This brand logo will mainly be used in our regular products such as ZANSHIRO and ZANKURO. Drawing its inspiration from the “ZAN” and “PA” in ZANPA, which can also be read as the numbers “3” and “8” or “SAN” and “PACHI,” this design emphasizes impact.

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