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A Golden Symbol
Serving as Our Roots
Bearing the name of our founder Torakichi Higa and prepared based on a differing concept every year, the “TORAKICHI” series is Zanpa’s premium form of old sake. For 2022, we use three kinds of old unrefined sake long-aged for more than twenty years to make this an offering to commemorate the new form of Zanpa’s TORAKICHI. Each type of old sake has a strongly distinct character, yet they blend together exquisitely so that the qualities of each resonate with one another. TORAKICHI 2022 is a product of our wish to bring forth an offering that symbolizes all Awamori sake and the reborn Zanpa as it marks its new start.
Ryukyu Awamori
Awamori sake is prepared using the whole rice malt preparation method.As the name suggests, the sake is prepared with 100% malted rice to produce Awamori’s rich, strong flavor.Old sake, or “KUSU” as it is called in Japanese, refers to Awamori that has been aged for at least three years. The longer the ageing period, the more the flavor of Awamori changes to umami, and the stronger its character becomes. With “TORAKICHI 2022,” we took on the challenge of carefully selecting and blending three types of old sake aged for more than twenty years.
Local SAKE of Okinawa
For making TORAKICHI
The concept behind 2022’s iteration of TORAKICHI is “MILLENNIUM.” As “TORAKICHI 2022” came into being in the new era of the 2000s, rather than limit ourselves to Awamori sake for production in the near future, we sought to make an Awamori to represent the next 1,000 years, over which Awamori as a sake will continue to bring abundance and prosperity to the world even in this new era.
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The first TORAKICHI bottle

Ryukyu Awamori


Unprocessed Sake Contained:

Name of Ingredients:
Rice Malt Contained:

Alcoholic Content:    
Net Content:
Item Price:

Higa Syuzo Co.,Ltd.
1061 Aza-Nagahama, Yomitan-son, Okinawa
No. 160 (Made with care in 1999)
No. 99 (Made with care in 1999)
No. 63 (Made with care in 2000)
Malted rice (Made with rice grown in Thailand)​
Black rice malt
¥33,000 (tax incl.)



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