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Product Summary

A sublime old sake

aged for three years

ZANPA 43 is the product of 60% blend of old sake aged for three years. The greatest draw of Awamori sake is how storing it in an earthenware jar or bottle and aging it over time cause it to mature into highly-mellow, full-bodied old sake. In Japanese, aging sake is often expressed as “letting it sleep.” The more Awamori is “left to sleep,” as it were, the sweeter its aroma becomes, and its texture upon entering the mouth becomes mellower as well. ZANPA 43 is defined by the ideal balance of its mellow flavor, the result of surefooted blending techniques with old sake. Its mild taste makes it the perfect cocktail base.
Unlike Western liquor such as whiskey, which is largely affected by barrels as it matures, Awamori sake itself contains ingredients that undergo a chemical reaction through repeated aging over time, proceeding to become old sake. As it does, it starts to give off a sweet odor, a leading example of which is vanilla. This is the result of the ferulic acid contained in rice made in Thailand transforming in the Awamori production process, changing to vanillin and again to vanillic acid. We recommend that you try savoring this sake’s distinctive flavor in a grappa glass. You’ll discover a taste inherent in old Awamori sake completely different from what you’ve experienced so far.
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An Awamori made 100% with carefully-selected old sake aged three years, this offering has a mellow, rich body and aroma that comes from that long aging period. Contains the distinctive flavor of vanillin (ingredient with a vanilla aroma) found in old sake. First Prize-winner in the Awamori Category of the 23rd All-Japan Sake Competition.
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Ryukyu Awamori


Name of Ingredients:

Rice Malt Contained:
Alcoholic Content

Higa Syuzo Co.,Ltd.
1061 Aza-Nagahama, Yomitan-son, Okinawa
Malted rice (Made with rice grown in Thailand)
Black rice malt
720ml / ¥2,640 (tax incl.)
1,800 ml / ¥4,305 (tax incl.)



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