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Product Summary
“ZANSHIRO,” a sake masterwork that points
to our origins
Based on the goal of creating an Awamori sake that women and people who do not regularly consume Awamori also find easy to drink, ZANPA WHITE is the product of the development of a proprietary distiller that followed repeated trial and error. This offering is defined by its fruity aroma and translucent, refreshing and mild taste. Widely referred to affectionately as “ZANSHIRO” and considerably popular among women, this Awamori sake points to the origins of Zanpa. A long-seller with many fans across Japan.
〇Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award for fourteen consecutive years from 2007 to 2020
〇Awarded International Superior Taste Award with Two Stars by the International Taste Institute (ITI) between 2009 and 2012 and between 2014 and 2020
With its combination of lime, lemon and other citrus fruits, ZANPA WHITE is unbelievably easy to drink for a distilled sake, and can be used to create mixology cocktails that women can also enjoy. Experience a rich drinking sensation like a cocktail from a tropical resort by combining the sake with fruits such as shequwasar.
Due to missing the peculiar aroma unique to Awamori and having a light taste, ZANPA WHITE is a refreshing, palatable offering despite being a distilled Awamori sake. Rather than drinking it on the rocks, it is better enjoyed when mixed with fruits or a carbonated mixer such as soda water. The perfect sake for both drinking quietly alone or in the lively company of others at parties.
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Ryukyu Awamori


Name of Ingredients:

Rice Malt Contained:

Alcoholic Content:

Higa Syuzo Co.,Ltd.
1061 Aza-Nagahama, Yomitan-son, Okinawa
Malted rice (Made with rice grown in Thailand)
Black rice malt
720ml / ¥1,601 (tax incl.)
1,800 ml / ¥2,791 (tax incl.)



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