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Product Summary
ZANKURO, a masterful offering created with black rice malt
Zanpa’s flagship model sake made with black rice malt, this masterwork is loved by people across wide range of generations, who affectionally call it “ZANKURO.” A popular long-seller for Zanpa as a creator of situations overflowing with smiles. Defined by its sharp, refreshing flavor, ZANPA BLACK boasts one of the highest levels of recognition even among local F&B establishments in Okinawa.
〇Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award for twelve consecutive years from 2009 to 2020 as well as winner of the 2020 Monde Selection International High-Quality Trophy (*as a product recognized for its high quality for three years in a row)
〇Awarded Two Stars between 2009 and 2012, One Star in 2014 and the International Superior Taste Award with Two Stars between 2015 and 2020 by the International Taste Institute (ITI)
While ZANPA BLACK can be deliciously enjoyed on the rocks, the recommended way to drink it is to twist citrus or seasonal fruits in a glass and mix it with three-tenths ZANKURO, seven-tenths soda water. To savor the aroma more, try going half and half with sake and soda water so the deliciousness of the Awamori comes through. We also encourage you to try ZANKURO as a sake to enjoy together with meat dishes and heavily-seasoned dishes.
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ZANPA BLACK is made with using the vacuum method to enjoy the peculiar aroma unique to Awamori sake.In addition to drinking it on the rocks, we also highly recommend that you try savoring it with a carbonated mixer together with comparatively heavily-seasoned dishes, such as Okinawan cuisine, fried chicken and pan-fried Chinese dumplings. Another way to enhance your enjoyment of ZANPA BLACK is to mix it with the likes of coffee and Sanpin jasmine tea. Loved over the years as a sake to savor together with food, ZANKURO is the perfect item for smile-filled gatherings where delectable food is served.
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Ryukyu Awamori


Name of Ingredients:

Rice Malt Contained:
Alcoholic Content:

Higa Syuzo Co.,Ltd.
1061 Aza-Nagahama, Yomitan-son, Okinawa
Malted rice (Made with rice grown in Thailand)
Black rice malt
720ml / ¥1,425 (tax incl.)
1,800 ml / ¥2,838 (tax incl.)



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