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Product Summary
A mythical sake making its return one century later
Ages ago during the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Awamori sake was the drink of royalty, making it highly cost-prohibitive. This gave way to the creation of a daily sake for commonfolk that was distilled with purple yams and sugar cane, which were readily available at the time, as its ingredients. That sake was called “IMUGE.” However, it is said that the emergence of the Liquor Tax Act in the Meiji era, coupled with the prohibition of sales of homemade liquor, caused the manufacture of IMUGE to cease. A momentum to bring back that mythical sake loved by the commonfolk arose, causing Okinawan brewers to realize its return after a whole century. “IMUGE” incorporates the techniques of Zanpa to offer a refreshing drinking sensation, the flavor of brown sugar and the savory sweetness of purple yams. Experience it for yourself.
It is highly recommended that ZANPA IMUGE, which has an alcoholic content of 25%, be mixed in water when enjoyed. This allows the sweetness of the purple yams and brown sugar to come through. While pouring this sake in a glass with ice and enjoying it on-the-rocks style is also recommended, chilling it then mixing it with water in a wine glass and drinking it while saving its aroma as if it were white wine will enable you to enjoy IMUBE’s unique taste that differentiates it from Awamori sake and shochu distilled liquor.
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More than anything else, IMUGE is defined by its unique taste. This sake, which was deeply loved by Okinawan commonfolk, falls under what would be called “spirits” today, differentiating it from both Awamori and shochu by nature. Enjoy the savory flavor that comes from purple yams, brown sugar and other ingredients crated by the climate and earth unique to Okinawa.
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ZANPA Spirits


Name of Ingredients:

Alcoholic Content:

Higa Syuzo Co.,Ltd.
1061 Aza-Nagahama, Yomitan-son, Okinawa
Malted rice (Made with rice grown in Thailand), purple yam paste (Manufactured in the Village of Yomitan), powdered brown sugar (Produced in Okinawa)
720ml / ¥2,640 (tax incl.)



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